A Mother’s Love Knows No Bounds!

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and good mothers everywhere! My blog friend, Celeste at Honk if You’re Vegan, posted a wonderful series of moms and babies I would like to share today. Too cute to not pass on…

Honk If You're Vegan










A mother’s love is not unique to humans. A happy Mother’s Day to my mom and to ALL moms! PS – I hope you get your wish for a quiet Mother’s Day mom. Love you.

Photo Credits

Giraffe photo courtesy of weruletheinternet.com. Lion and cow photos courtesy of frugalcafe.com. Rhino and polar bear photos courtesy of wOnderblogspot.com. Lamb photo courtesy of shutterstock.com. Goose and elephant photos courtesy of komonews.com. Seal photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk.

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