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Meatless Monday – Roasted Artichokes Stuffed with Garlic, Parmesan & Quinoa - Originally posted on goodmotherdiet:
My Mom used to steam whole artichokes and serve them with bowls of melted butter or mayo as a special treat. I have fond memories of sitting around the table with my brothers and sisters, peeling off leaf after leaf and watching the piles of toothmarked leaves growing ever larger.  That…
Meatless Monday – Lentil & Quinoa ‘Meatballs’ - Meatballs are a perennial favorite, one of America’s most common comfort foods.  Serve them dipped in a spicy barbecue sauce as an appetizer or over zoodles for dinner.  This gluten free version uses red quinoa, brown lentils and whole oats which make a surprisingly delicious meatball with the help from a few spices and some TLC.   This is a vegetarian recipe […]
Meatless Monday -Thai Red Curry Soup - So you might have noticed that I am still on a soup kick.  It may have something to do with the constant deluge of rain blown sideways by strong gusts of wind.  This soup, in particular, is designed to use winter veggies like sweet potato, squash and mushrooms with fresh ginger  in a deliciously spicy red curry, […]
Meatless Monday -Breakfast Tacos - I was tired of toast for breakfast, so decided to ratchet it up a notch with breakfast tacos.  I love Mexican food so this was a no brainer, and even though these tacos are vegetarian, they even satisfied my husband who went back for thirds. Warm corn tortillas loaded with Mexican Chipotle ‘vegan sausage’, scrambled eggs (or tofu), […]
Spicy Black Eyed Pea Soup (Vegan) - You have heard that ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’.  Well, this yummy soup was a brainchild of a recent severe rainstorm, on a day we lost power for 4 or 5 hours due to heavy rain and high winds.  Our lights came back on around 6:30pm so I went around blowing out candles and then had to come up […]
Wheatless Wednesday – Ginger Miso Tofu Noodle Bowl - Originally posted on goodmotherdiet:
The Japanese have known the health benefits of miso and scallions and have used miso soup to cure the common cold since ancient times, kind of like a vegetarian version of homemade chicken soup. We have all had miso soup in Japanese restaurants, that savory broth with tiny cubes of tofu and thinly…
Meatless Monday – BBQ Tofu Pizza - Originally posted on goodmotherdiet:
Two of America’s favorite foods are barbecue and pizza.  Now imagine them together for the ultimate in delicious comfort food.  This version is vegetarian, using tofu, crumbled and browned with barbecue sauce, in place of more traditional chicken with pretty great results.  The barbecue sauce, smoked cheddar, mozzarella, purple onion and fresh tomatoes all…
Meatless Monday-Roasted Artichokes & Fennel with Lemon Parsley Pesto - Originally posted on goodmotherdiet:
Who says size doesn’t matter? I mean, this IS the age of supersizing. Picture thick caramelized slices of fennel and quartered artichokes, shallots and garlic, topped with a large dollop of savory Lemon Parsley Pesto.  I’ve made this dish several times and each time I’ve made the slices and wedges bigger…
Meatless Monday – Hot and Sour Soup - If hot soup equals a warm belly, what about hot soup that is also hot-spicy? As you can see, I’m still on my hot soup bender – and judging by the forecast for seven days of rain next week, it’s not ending any time soon. My husband is in bed with the sniffles so I decided that Hot and […]
Meatless Monday – Butternut Squash Barley Risotto -  Risotto is so rich and creamy that it seems fancy and somewhat decadent.  Well this version is no different, even though it is made without meat or dairy and I used barley instead of the traditional Arborio rice which adds flavor and interest. If you are intimidated by making risotto at home, don’t be.  It’s […]

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    • Thank you for your post. I just made it again tonight because my guys ate so much there was enough leftover. Anyway, I noticed that I left that off and updated the directions. I’m definitely a home cook and not a professional. Add the soy sauce when you add the broth.


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