World’s Best Six Braid Challah

As promised, I am re-posting my recipe for The World’s Best Six Braid Challah. This beautiful challah is the perfect way to ‘break your fast’ this year.



This is the real deal! It’s been carefully smuggled onto airplanes in backpacks and suitcases, as a prized possession, leaving little room for clothing or personal belongings.  It has graced many a Break Fast and dinner table as guest of honor.  It has been slathered with butter and devoured by many teenagers who learned to show up in my kitchen on Fridays.  In my house it’s called MaryBeth’s Challah because I got the recipe from my friend, Marybeth.  My next door neighbors call it Joyce’s Challah because… well you see the pattern here.


I initially resisted making or buying challah on Fridays because it’s not usually made with whole grains, and I was trying to limit the amount of processed white flour that my kids consumed.  I mean something has to offset the truckloads of pizza that kids and teenagers eat.   However, tradition won out and once I got the coveted recipe from Marybeth, I started making challah…

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4 thoughts on “World’s Best Six Braid Challah

  1. Hi Joyce,
    We ate your wonderful Challah at your Post Yom Kippur Dinner and it was delicious.
    I now am motivated to make this and would like your opinion on 1 or 2 bread makers that you
    recommend. Thank you so much for sharing your/MaryBeth’s recipe.

    Hope each of you are well, and L’ Shana Tova!

    Lin Greene Jainchill
    415 509-1776
    1 Midden Lane, Tiburon


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