12 Thanksgiving Sides or Vegetarian Mains

It is Thanksgiving week, that time of year we are supposed to remember how thankful we are. This year I am almost overwhelmed by the sanctity and beauty of life. What a privilege we have been given. Over the past three months I have celebrated at four joyous weddings and gathered with family and friends at two lovely but sad celebrations of life. At each occasion my emotions were high and deeply felt, from complete joy to deep sorrow – but also a gratefulness for this life that I have been given.

A few days ago I was ‘gifted’ eleven baby chicks from a fourth grade class who had hatched seven and were leaving for Thanksgiving break. What was a softy like me going to do? I took them home, of course, along with the incubator full of eggs and helped four more chicks into the world. The last one was not going to make it without help since the shell was too hard and dried out but she is a fighter. I named her Margaret since she is my eleventh chick and my baby sister, Margaret, is the eleventh and final sibling in my family. Margaret was born two decades after our oldest sister and Margaret the chick was hatched two full days after the first chick, which in chickie time that is a long gap. This morning chick #8 who never opened her eyes died. I knew they all weren’t going to make it but I am sad for the loss of a life nonetheless. At least she got some nice love for one day.

On this season of Thanksgtiving, I give thanks for the blessings of all lives, big and small. I wish you a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving. I am reblogging a post from last year that might provide some inspiration for vegeetarian sides or main dishes for your Thanksgiving celebration.-J


Goodmotherdiet Thanksgiving Sides3

I am on vacation and very far from my kitchen.  Picture my toes with their freshly painted nails digging into the sand, a good book in my hands and warm waves lapping the shore.  Yes, I am at the beach and before packing for my trip, I had to do the dreaded errand most females I know over the age of 13 put off as long as possible – bathing suit shopping.  Oh the horrors! Bottoms that fit – tops that don’t. Everything all tucked in?  Front okay – back, hmmm… I may be a bit curvier than in my youth and just possibly, a bit more  self conscious modest. too.   Luckily, they also sell cute cover ups and big floppy hats…and after a margarita or two, who cares, right? But, I digress…

Since my kitchen is taking a short break,  in lieu of new recipes this week, I have collected a dozen of my favorite vegetarian and vegan dishes which would be perfect for Meatless Monday or as sides for your…

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