Meatless Monday – Pan Seared Artichokes with Blackened Garlic

I’m still on an artichoke kick, because they are so good right now, so I decided to circle back on a recipe I made last Spring for Pan Seared Artichokes with Blackened Garlic. I remembered that it was finger licking good and was hoping it would be just as good the second time around. Well it just as I remembered… I served it with a Lemon Garlic Aioli. Yum! So if you missed it last year, here it is again. Let me know if you make it!



Mmmm… finger lickin’ good! I have made artichokes many times but never pan seared and I probably won’t go back.  These are seriously good!  My Mom used to serve platters of steamed artichokes that we dipped in mayo.  I remember leaving piles and piles of spent artichoke leaves lined with teeth marks on my plate   I still love them cooked that way, simple and homey, but as a food blogger I like to try new things and this one is a keeper!  Searing the artichoke wedges instead of steaming them, intensifies their flavor.  And if you haven’t tried burnt blackened garlic cloves, you’re missing out.  When they are cooked at a higher heat or for a longer period of time, they lose their pungent, sharp quality and become sweet and caramelly so you can safely (and eagerly) eat them whole without getting garlicky dragon breath.   After searing the…

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