Meatless Monday – Grilled Nectarines and Summer Squash with Balsamic Glaze

It’s the beginning of barbecue season AND nectarines are so good right now. Why not combine the two into a fabulous vegetarian dish? I grilled sweet nectarines, purple onion, zucchini and summer squash, drizzled them with a balsamic reduction and sprinkled them with fresh blueberries and feta. Yum! I intended on reblogging this on Monday but spent my day instead feeling numb with this latest shooting. Sending prayers to everyone in the LGBT community and anyone affected by gun violence. Peace and Love-Joyce


Grilled Vegetables10

I know I’m late to the grilled fruit game.  I never understood the fascination with throwing everything on the grill, but I am now a believer.  Grilling transforms something simple and delicious into a spectacular crowdpleaser.  Grilling enhances the natural flavors of fruits and vegetables and caramelizes the sugars in them, which is why grilled fruits are particularly delicious.   I came home to find a beautiful display of summer squash, nectarines and spring onions sitting on my counter, compliments of our local farmers market.  The squash had such interesting shapes that I immediately wanted to showcase.  I especially love the star shaped yellow squash!   I thought slicing them into rounds and grilling them would make a visually interesting dish.

Grilled Vegetables8

Then, once I added the nectarines and purple onion to the mix, I thought, “They look so beautiful all together, why not grill them all?  Sometimes dinner just  has…

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