Citrus Strawberry Infused Water Plus 14 more Amazing Recipes


Citrus Strawberry Infused Water2

Several weeks ago, I whipped up a pitcher of LEMON CUCUMBER MINT WATER in an attempt to drink more water and fewer store-bought drinks.  It has been a very successful exercise and I love opening my refrigerator to see a colorful and delicious, cold beverage always on hand. I refill with plain water every time I pour a glass and dump it all out after most of the flavor is out of the fruit and start over, every 2 or 3 days.   Over the weeks, I have experimented with other fruits and vegetables, as well, based on what I have laying around.  I always seem to have an odd half lemon or lime, left over from a previous recipe which I will slice up and toss into my pitcher.  This time, I also had a ‘naked’ orange that I had zested the night before, so even though it was missing part of the peel the entire fruit still remained intact, so in it went.  I added several strawberries and a sprig each of basil and mint.  Delicious!

Lemon Water

I got such a great response on the Lemon Cucumber Mint Water and many people tried it right away, including my sister, Linda, who prepared a large batch for her granddaughter’s backyard wedding.  It was a warm day in Seattle and the LCM Water not only made a gorgeous centerpiece, it was the perfect beverage, refreshing, rehydrating and inexpensive (and easy to replenish).   For those that like infused water, I wanted to pass along an article by Eat Local Grown with a compilation of 14 recipes for fruit infused water or aqua fresca.   You can either follow the recipes or use them for inspiration.   Just click the link below.  Happy Friday!


Citrus Strawberry Infused Water1

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