Why You Should Thin The Carrots In Your Garden – Or Not!

I’ve been working like crazy in my vegetable garden, feeling late but after so much rain and my trip to India, well it is what it is. I have fond memories of my first carrot year. I’m reposting for all of you who may be planting carrots this year. Enjoy your carrot people!


20150623_174232 Carrot Couple

Carrots are people too… Earlier this spring, I planted a variety of heirloom red carrots by seed, then waited for them to germinate.  When I checked on the young seedlings, I knew they were spaced too close together and should probably be thinned.  Carrots need space to develop into the tall straight specimens we see at the market.  Carrot seeds are almost always seeded too close together, because they are so tiny. Thinning is recommended for the first time when the plants are 4 inches tall. Remove the smallest and scrawniest plants or those that are growing right on top of one another. Ideally the plants are thinned to about a thumb’s-width apart. The carrots can also be thinned again about a month later to about 1 1/2 to 2 inches apart.  By then the ‘thinned’ carrots should be large enough to eat as baby carrots.  Click HERE for…

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