Meatless Monday – Veggie Kabobs With Chili Cumin Oil

Summertime is all about the grill but make sure you make room for veggies. Here is a fun recipe that incorporates wheels of corn, potatoes, tofu and fresh summer veggies to create a meal on a stick. Its a perfect way to personalize and cater to individual tastes. The marinade is really tasty too. Happy Summer!



Grilling is Fun!  That said, can we think outside the veggie burger?  If you are tired of ‘burgers’ and ‘dogs’ being the stars of the grill, rest assured that there are some tasty options available.  Veggie Kabobs are a colorful and tasty alternative that can be adapted to any tastes. I mean, who can resist corn wheels?  You can even set up a ‘Veggie Bar’ and let your guests design their own.  I opted to use sweet corn, summer squash and tomatoes which are still in season, and oh-so-good right now.  I also added potatoes and tofu to help add fullness to the meal and a bit of protein.   Other fun items to round out your skewers would be chunks of crusty sourdough bread, mushrooms, onions and peppers, or even fruit like peaches and mangos.  Don’t be shy.


Each of these vegetables brings something different to the table in…

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