Meatless Monday – Penne with Butternut Squash, Mushrooms & Spinach

Take advantage of Fall’s bounty with this colorful pasta with creamy butternut squash, mushrooms and spinach over penne. Pasta is a crowd favorite which is great because its easy to throw together. Parmesan lovers and vegans, give the Vio Life vegan parmesan a try. Delicious!



There is a reason pasta is a fan favorite.  It’s fast, versatile and oh so satisfying.  It’s easy to adapt ingredients to feature the best of the season when you know the most abundant fruits and veggies are at their peak freshness and also their least expensive, due to good old supply and demand. Right now winter squashes and mushrooms crowd our supermarket shelves and dark leafy greens are still readily available. So stock up and do yourself a favor; whip up a quick batch of this yummy pasta. You won’t be disappointed.


I love the colors of this dish.  As you know, via the concept of Eating the Rainbow, the more colors you can include in your food, the more likely you are to have a vast array of vitamins and minerals.   Any time you can sneak dark, leafy greens into meals, you’re adding important vitamins and minerals, but did you know…

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