Meatless Monday – Garlicky Kale Pasta with Lemon and Parmesan

Now that I’m out of WordPress jail, I’m going back through and updating old recipes. Here is a simple one pot meal from 2014 that uses very few ingredients and very little time. It’s also pretty tasty. Enjoy!-GMD


Kale Pasta1

CAN WE GET A KALE YEAH!!!  I spotted that slogan on a billboard for Naked Juice in Boston and knew I was going to be making kale  soon.  Kale, also known as the ‘Queen of Greens’  is the culinary darling of the moment although I have not personally gone kale crazy. I like kale all right but I just like other leafy greens better.  That said, I really like this garlicky, lemon, kale pasta dish that I adapted from .  It’s very simple, only six ingredients, allowing each flavor to shine, and can be made using only one pot.  I normally don’t like boiling vegetables since nutrients are lost in the water, but in this case, the pasta is cooked in the salty kale cooking water and the resulting pasta is way more flavorful than when just cooked in plain water.  The pasta definitely absorbed some of the kale flavor, and hopefully some of the nutrients as…

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