Meatless Monday – Zucchini & Apple Spirals with Basil & Mint Salad

This is an oldie from when I first got my spiralizer but its still a goodie. Spiralized zucchini and Fuji apple with sliced sugar snap peas, fresh basil and mint with a honey, citrus vinaigrette. To make this filling enough for a main course, I added avocado and pepitos which provide nutrients and good fats that help us feel satiated. This salad would be good topped with blue cheese, goat cheese or feta, (vegan of course) for an additional protein boost.


Zucchini Spiral Salad1
I have always wondered how to make a ‘noodle’ several feet long, like the one in Lady and the Tramp.  Well now I know the secret.  My mother in law gifted us a vegetable spiraling machine for our anniversary (Well there is no special gift or gem for 28 years of marriage, go figure! So why not a vegetable spiraler…)   I couldn’t wait to try it out – and the result is awesome.  I experimented first with zucchini and got spirals over 6 feet long.  How cool is that?  Then I spiraled some apples and fell the rest of the way in love. It is easier than a mandolin, no peeling or coring and my fingertips and knuckles remained intact.  I decided to cut the zucchini spirals into shorter pieces to make it easier to serve, but it could be fun to make each 6-8 foot strand into it’s own serving.  Your…

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