Homemade Champagne Vinegar & Vinaigrette

Okay, it’s not a surprise that there was a big spike in my homemade champagne vinegar blog today. I guess people are looking for something to do with leftover champagne. It’s easy and worth it….Happy New Year!



We had some leftover champagne from New Year’s Eve… Don’t judge. Since it sat out all night, I figured the expensive champagne was flat and undrinkable. I almost poured it down the drain but that seemed like such a waste of a nice wine, so I decided to try making vinegar. I mean, why not?  I had nothing to lose and if it turned out well, much to gain. Well, luckily my ‘science experiment’ worked out pretty well and I now have several bottles of lovely champagne vinegar.  Champagne vinegar is delicious and has a more delicate flavor than red wine vinegar and is expensive to buy in a store. Best of all it’s so easy! If you find yourself in a similar situation after a party with leftover wine, STOP!  Don’t pour it out!  Instead, turn it into a delicious homemade vinegar.  I have only one caveat. It is…

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