Meatless Monday – Sesame Orange Tofu

This yummy dish was a blog post from New Year’s 2016. I just made it again and it’s still a winner. The fresh orange juice combined with apple cider vinegar, soy sauce and a bit of sugar cooks into a deliciously sticky sauce that perfectly coast the crispy tofu. Happy New Year!-J



NEW YEAR, NEW YOU… START YOUR YEAR OFF RIGHT LIGHT!  I’m not talking about making major New Year’s Resolutions, just one small step to a healthier you (and planet Earth too).  How about joining the thousands of people in 36 countries around the world in the Global Meatless Monday Movement? It’s a very do-able goal (dare I say, trendy?) and you might actually like the results.  Here is a tasty recipe to get your new Meatless Monday tradition started in 2016; crispy and delicious Sesame Orange Tofu over a bowl of steaming brown Jasmine rice.  This sauce, which is savory but slightly sweet and slightly spicy, is so good, you will wonder why you ever thought you didn’t like tofu.  You won’t leave the table feeling deprived, for sure…

byf1.jpg (350×200)

I realize that not everyone is ready to give up eating meat, but how about just eating less?  YOU really can…

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