Matzo Crack (Vegan and Gluten Free)


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You asked what to do with your leftover matzo besides Matzo Brie… How about Matzo Crack? It’s delicious with homemade toffee and drizzled with chocolate, then sprinkled with pecans and sea salt. Warning! It’s pretty addictive. I followed the recipe except that I veganized and gluten freed it with the following tips. I made it half nuts with Maldon Salt and the other half low salt/no nuts because people have different needs and likes.

I used Miyoko’s butter which is made from oat milk and is divine. It is the only butter I use now. Its great for eating, sauteeing and baking. You can find Miyoko’s butter in Whole Foods and other smaller stores. The website has a store finder so check it out.

It is harder to find a vegan chocolate but I just happen to have a hoard of No Whey Milkless Chocolate Bars which we were giving away as party favors for a wedding that didn’t get to happen because of Covid. You can order online at

The recipe I adapted is from Jenn Segal at Once Upon a Chef. She has easy to follow instructions with photos, much like I do. Try her recipe and check out her site. You won’t be disappointed.

Passover Redux – 2014



I’m heading out of town for the weekend to go to a family wedding, so won’t be in my kitchen or in my garden, but ran across a wonderful blog, “Nosh On It”, with some truly inspired Passover menu ideas. This article includes some traditional dishes like Matzo Brie and Matzo Ball Soup and also some very creative new treats. Highlights (for me) are Dark Chocolate-Toffee Matzo Bark, Matzo Lasagna and Coconut Rocky-Road Matzo. I’m pretty sure that  Deep Fried Matzo Balls with Wasabi Cream Sauce has my son, Eric’s name written all over it as an appetizer this year.  It sounds pretty good to me too!   Since Passover is next week, I thought I would help you WOW your guests, or at least get you through eight days of matzo.  Happy Passover!
Click on the photo or the following link to get the recipes and see the original post from Noshon.It:  Lotsa Matzo: 13 Creative Matzo Recipes for Passover