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Veggie Sliders1 Meatless Monday – Quinoa Black Bean Sliders with Sriracha Aioli - SliderMania!  Sliders are all the rage, and rightly so!  What could be more delicious than a yummy, messy hand sized slider dripping with delicious sauce? Sliders are the perfect size, not a big commitment but more of an invitation to try something new. There are so many recipes for meatless burgers and I have been tempted to try […]
Root Vegetable Slaw13 Wheatless Wednesday – Root Vegetable Slaw with Burrata - Roots don’t get the respect that they deserve.  Don’t be fooled by the outward appearance of  most root vegetables with their tough, hairy rough exteriors which only serve to protect the lovely jewels inside.  Their gorgeous interior colors indicate their rich nutrient value with each root containing it’s own set of health benefits. This raw root salad […]
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Tomato Pasta1 Meatless Monday – Spaghetti with Fresh Tomatoes and Basil - What could be easier than tossing warm pasta with fresh tomatoes, basil and olive oil?  This is a delicious NO COOK sauce that I have been making for ten years or so.  It is really delicious!   I no longer have the original recipe for this ‘sauce’ and usually only think about making it later in the summer […]
Hot Pepper Flakes8 Homemade Hot Pepper Flakes - Is your garden so loaded with hot peppers that you don’t know what to do?  I mean a little bit goes a long way… Last fall we had an early frost warning and I still had lots of peppers that I hadn’t picked yet, since I usually pick them as I use them.  How many hot peppers […]
100 100th Post – Cauliflower “Mac” and Cheese - Wow, this is my 100th post! I’ve certainly learned a lot since publishing my first recipe, Green Curry Tofu, on November 25, 2013. I had never even been on a blog before starting Goodmotherdiet, so it has been quite a learning curve.  I got a domaine name on WordPress and suddenly, I was a blogger!  Every […]
Pasta Primavera15 Meatless Monday – Pasta Primavera with Summer Squash, Peas and Arugula - Primavera means Spring in Italian and the popular Pasta Primavera traditionally is pasta, usually spaghetti but other pasta shapes can be used, tossed with a variety of spring vegetables like asparagus, tomatoes and fresh herbs.  In spite of it’s name, it doesn’t mean you can only make this for dinner in the spring.  Pasta Primavera is a very versatile […]
Pear Galette14 Vanilla – Brandy Pear Galette - After spending a month or so in Maine, I returned home to an overgrown vegetable garden, loads of tomatoes and a fruit tree heavily laden with Asian Pears. In fact, the branches were so heavy that some of them were almost on the ground. Someone I didn’t do a very good job thinning the baby […]
Egg Basket15 Wheatless Wednesday – Egg in a Basket - Can you think of a happier breakfast than eggs Sunnyside Up? Think sunshine and smiley faces. How about stretching the cuteness factor by cooking them inside colorful bell pepper rings? I found this new twist on the traditional Egg in a Hole (also called Egg in a Basket, Toad in a Hole, Turtle in a Shell, One Eyed […]
Chili Lime Tofu13 Meatless Monday – Chili Lime Grilled Tofu with Avocado &Mango Salsa - Chili Lime Grilled Tofu is my favorite tofu recipe so far.  It’s taken a few tries but I have finally nailed it. I made this last week and thought it needed something, so this time I topped it with an Avocado Mango salsa with red onions, lime and jalapenos which is a great combination of sweet, savory and spicy.   […]

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